Wireless megaphone, with microphone transmitter.

Carrier frequency: 863.05-864.95 MHz, operating range: approx. 30 m
Removable hand-held microphone with helix cable
Lockable talk button and volume control at the cable-connected microphone
Aux input with level control
Jack for external 12 V battery operation Battery pack supplied 8 Hours
Siren, switchable
Connection cable for motor vehicles
The operating range is surely the most important one. Here, the following
applies: with increasing sound pressure (in dB), the operating range of the
megaphone increases, too. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between
megaphones with integrated microphone, with hand-held microphone or
units with an additional wireless microphone. Each megaphone is
with power by standard batteries, or charged battery pack with min of 8
hours usage. As an alternative, a few units also feature a 12 V connection
01246 205361  £28.00 hire 3 days  2 UNITS £40.00
email sales@kayselectronics.co.uk
Text 07926647078 Mobile
The system range can be
increased by using more then
one speaker, they all work on
the same microphone frequency
Ideal for ring side event, gala,
outdoor event , sporting events