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One of a range of portable, wireless, VHF amplified receiver units
ideal for use in schools, entertainment venues, conference and
leisure centres, places of worship, etc.  Suitable for indoor or
outdoor events.  Use in conjunction with your choice of
microphone - hand-held (with built-in transmitter), lapel, or headset
(with belt pack transmitter).
50W rms portable PA System for use in larger groups at schools,
places of worship, aerobic classes, conferences and outdoor
events.  Complete with high quality, anti-shock CD player and UHF
receiver which can be ordered in any one of three deregulated
frequencies that are license-free - (F)863.3MHz, (G)863.9MHz or
(H)864.8MHz.  The MA-705PADU has microphone and line level
inputs and an extension loudspeaker socket.  Built-in 240Vac and
rechargeable battery supply (operating time 4-6 hours; recharging
time 4 hours with automatic charging management).  Sturdy black
casing.  Can easily be carried using the integral fixed carrying
Radio Rx unit encased with in an out door / indoor speaker
Mains driven 240 volts
Transmit distance 200 Meters + dependent on the area.
Transmitter is UHF with line or microphone in puts
240 volt powered.
This system shows it,s it best when wires can not be run to the
equipment IE Church funeral,  Church hall is across a main road,
So the over spill can follow the service.
CONTACT  01246 205361
provide you with, band systems, keyboard amplifiers, DJ decks and mixers,
microphones and cables. Just ask us for a quote for the equipment you
require and we will get back with a highly competitive price.

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