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We have a range of 3 CD players, from basic to the top club
The equipment is for table top usage.
A club standard audio mixer is included, at no extra charge.
#  Vestax PDX2000MK2 Direct Drive Turntable
# Power switch is located on the top surface allowing "motor off"
effect in quick action
# Condensed molded body
# The heavy duty A.S.T.S. tone arm
# 100mm +/- 10% fine pitch control fader
# +/- 50% ultra pitch control fader
# Start & brake speed control volumes
# Reverse button
# Powerful motor - 2.0 Kg/cm of rotation torque
# Super fast start and brake (within 1/6 rpm)
This incredible single top CD/USB music player not only plays CDs
and MP3s but allows you to take full control of your music using one
of three operating modes: Vinyl, CD DJ and Auto cue scratch. It also
lets you add your own twist using the touch sensitive jog wheel to
apply digital effects such as scratch, flanger, filter, echo, one touch
seamless loop, break/start speed, 4 memory cue points and sampler.
With the MPCD-X3 you'll feel like a true professional.
MP3/WAV compatible from CD or USB (ID3 tags)
3 modes of operation (Vinyl, CD DJ and Auto cue scratch)
Interactive "AQ-touch" sensitive jog wheel
DSP effects: echo, flanger, filter, scratch and manual break
X & Y Parameters controlled by jog wheel to maximise the sound
Seamless/Auto loop (create your own loop or let it do it for you)
Start and break adjustable speeds
Instant start (sound is produced immediately when the play button is
4 x Memory banks with option to sample each
Pitch controlled ±6, 10, 16 & 100% Pitch lock function Fader start
option Large VFD display 6.3mm headphone jack with trim control
Auto/manual tap BPM MIDI compatible via USB
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