The megaphone loudhailer can be handheld and used with the
included shoulder strap. The megaphone can also be placed on
a flat surface like a table-top and a 3meter stand will hold it
steady and level.

The loudhailer megaphone can also be fitted with an optional
extra speaker stand adaptor for use with a standard 35mm
speaker stand.
This allows the megaphone to be lifted high off the ground for
superb sound projection, without being too loud for people
close by. The handheld wireless microphone allows you to
operate from up to 30m away from the megaphone
(To ensure good wireless reception, the microphone must have
"line of sight" of the megaphone receiver)
Alternative hand-held microphone with pluggable helix cable
Lockable talk button and volume control at the cable
Aux input with level control
Jack for external 12V battery operation
Siren, switchable
Shoulder strap, connection cable for motor vehicles
Supplied without batteries
High quality powerful, loud megaphone with cable
microphone plus wireless microphone. Tie clip, Headset,
or Hand held, Stand up to 3meters.
This pa system is
ideal for out door

Being portable
makes it ideal for

Total portability
were there is no
power and a large
cover age is needed

Dog shows,
Horse shows,etc
Any were ever you
need to talk to large
group of people.

Another advantage
to using this unit

Is that you can use
more then one unit
on the same
frequency to get
grater coverage

Or more then one
unit at a time can be
used independantly
one another
with each unit having
its own microphone
IE two venues can
be operated in the
same arena or area