Wedding or Party with snow effect projections
Looking at the room for snow flake images.

Projector on right hand side on stand, projecting towards the ceiling and top of

Right hand side: a light wash of faint night sky blue from the up lighting mounted
on the floor 3 narrow beams with the same on the left hand wall.

Fire place: each side in a hard pink up lighting from the floor this will focus the
top table and not distract from the snow flake effect.

Across from the top table small area of roof in a light pink

Using the different colours  it will give the room a vibrant look and enhancing
the primary effect of snow. Also will give the room a background light to make it  
safe for guests.

This plan is only basic to give some insight of what we can offer, we would work
with yourselves with the planning.
A site meeting would be beneficial.
This will give you some idea of the
effect that can be achieved with
the use of projection.
The bride wanted moonlit night sky
projected onto a domed roof.
On this web site is a colour chart for RGB
lighting which will give you some  ideas what
our  led coloured lighting will produce
Public liability insurance , risk assessment
and PAT electrical safety testing are available
Projector discs three types of
effects to pick from or have
two projectors with one
projector with just white to
give some depth
Providing projections snow effects. Systems, lighting, video, stage
and trussing hire for functions or events. through out the uk
Including Chesterfield, YORKSHIRE, DERBYSHIRE
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